Central Reservation - UK INTERVIEW PROMO CD Version

   Cat no:  BETH002                  
   Released:  1999      
   Label:  Heavenly          
   Tracks:   01. Tell me about your background        1:27
     02. Was music always a big part of your life?        1:17
     03. When did you start playing the guitar?        0:59
     04. You mentioned, William, aka Madonna's chosen producer, William Orbit -  1:41
     how did you come to work with him?  
     05. You do have a theatrical background as well don't you?        1:59
     06. Now you're 100 per cent committed to music, do you feel secure  1:06
     in your chosen profession?  
     07. What sort of music has influenced you over the years?  1:24
     08. You're often compared vocally to Carole King - was she in influence?  0:30
     09. Why do you feel you've picked up so much from American music culture?  1:13
     10. Where does the emotional inspiration for your songs come from?  1:57
     11. How did you get involved with the London music and club scene?  2:14
     12. At what point did you get together with the Chemical Brothers?  2:58
     13. How did you feel when you'd completed your first album 'Trailer Park'  0:41
     14. Were you surprised at how well that album was received?  0:32
     15. Listening back to 'Trailer Park' now, do you have a favourite song  0:31
     that evokes that whole period for you?  
     16. When the time came to do the second album, did you feel under a  1:19
     lot of pressure to live up to people's expectations?  
     17. Have you always been a very prolific writer?  0:43
     18. These songs are packed with people and personalities - do you think  0:53
     they reflect different sides of your personality?  
     19. Why was the album recorded in several different studios?  1:25
     20. How did the guests on the album come to be involved?  2:30
     21. Did you set out to make this album sound very different to 'Trailer Park'  0:51
     and do you think your sound has moved on?  
     22. At what point did 'Central Reservation' become the title of the album?  0:36
     23. What inspired the title track?  1:02
     24. Tell me about the album's first single, 'Stolen Car'  0:48
     25. And you have another Ben -Ben Watt of Everything But The Girl - helping  1:07
     you out on 'Stars All Seem To Weep'. How did that collaboration  
     come about?  
     26. Let's talk about your duet with Terry Callier on 'Pass In Time'...  1:57
     27. Which is your favourite song on the album?  1:53
     28. ID: "Hi, this is Beth Orton and this is going to be my new single,  0:15
     'Central Reservation'"  
     29. ID: "Hi, this is Beth Orton; you're about to listen to 'Stolen Car'"  0:15
     30. ID: "Hi, this is Beth Orton, and this is my favourite from my album  0:18
     'Central Reservation'; it's called 'Sweetest Decline'"  
     31. ID: "Hello, this is Beth Orton, and my new record's out, 'Central Reservation' -  0:07
     Reservation' - so buy it - you might like it!"  





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